kuzmich, saraichik gde?



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  1. The Wizard just wanted to make his wife smile, so he created a fairy tale and let it in his home. And there is no fairy tale without a princess. The Princess was perfect, extraordinary, she was the best Wizard’s creation. She would kiss the Bear and the fairy tale would end. 

    But fairy tales rarely go the way the author expect. 

  2. milky-bitch:

    Ordinary Miracle (1978) 

    This movie is the best tale of my childhood. Nothing could drag me away from the TV when it was on. It’s full of allegories and absolutely beautiful.

    I guess, I can tell that Mark Zakharov is my favorite director. His works are simply stunning. And I adore Oleg Yankovsky and his characters, in Zakharov’s films they are wise and a little bit sad and lonely, neither good nor bad, such as The Wizard here.